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Similarities of the Raise and the Doubling Cube

In the game of poker, calling "raise" is considered as the most powerful poker weapon. This forces the opponent to choose between conceding the pot or increasing his bet. Sink or swim.

In the game of backgammon, the doubling cube is an integral part of the game. With the doubling cube, a player has the opportunity to increase the stakes by doubling the bet and forcing the player to either refuse or accept the offer to double.

The poker raise and backgammon double have some things in common. Just like in poker, the backgammon double leaves the opponent with no option but to either fold and surrender the pot, or increase the pot money to determine the winner. The top backgammon players are persistent in the cube, pressuring the opponent to come up with a potentially costly decision.

There are characteristics of poker in backgammon. A lot of the skills obtained and developed in playing poker can be utilized in the game of backgammon. This holds true with regards to the doubling cube.

In the game of poker, the pot a possible caller receives is determined by the bet size, or raise, in relation to the pot money. In a limit match, the size of the bet is permanent and it may be comparatively lower than the size of the pot if there was a lot of action in the early part of the game. As a result, the caller may be receiving sizeable pot odds when he calls. In a no-limit game the size of the bet may vary so the calling player may be receiving bad odds to excellent odds. In the game of backgammon, the odds for a person pondering whether to accept, or refuse the offer to double, is similar.

If a poker player is faced with a bet near the end, he must choose whether to call or not, based on his hand and what he presumes the possible hand of his opponent might be. He will not be given another chance to get more cards and makes a bet in the succeeding round if there is an improvement in his hand. This is similar to a doubling player on the possible outcome of the roll. Compared to poker, there is no need to be wary of the other players making a bet in the consequent rounds, since they alone can make the next offer to double.

There are some things in common between poker and backgammon, with regards to the doubling cube. An excellent poker player who switches to backgammon will discover that his skills in the poker table can be utilized to make him a successful backgammon player.