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Casino: Redefining World-Class Vacation

So you're heading for a vacation. Would you rather settle for a swim and enjoy a luxurious hotel accommodation afterwards? Maybe fine dining after a day's shopping at world-class boutiques? An entertaining evening of liver shows and disco party perhaps? Why not do it all and head for the world's best vacation spots courtesy of world's top casino destinations? So pack up, dress up and brace yourself as we take you to an exciting journey to the world's best casino spots throughout the globe.

Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas, Nevada) When one talks of casino, what other place comes in mind but Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada is the home of virtually countless casino and other entertainment establishments. Each year, Las Vegas casinos attract millions of professional and hobby casino players worldwide. Planet Hollywood, one of Vega's grandest casino palaces offers huge room accommodation with luxurious amenities perfect for the visiting tourists. Dine ala carte with a wide variety of buffet dishes and drinks of world-class standards.

Planet Hollywood also features deluxe pools to dip in, relax and refresh your body after a day's game of cards and slots at the establishment's huge casino grounds. Shop your heart out at the Miracle Mile Shops where wide variety of shopping items are constantly on sale. At the center of Planet Hollywood complex is a cozy and accommodating bar for a night of drinking and partying till the dawn break.

Monte Carlo (Europe) Moving Farther west is Monte Carlo in Europe, a place for casino-loving gentlemen and ladies aiming for a luxurious and top of the line vacation. Les Prives, one of its numerous restaurants features a romantic view of the sea, a perfect mood setter for the evening and late afternoons. Monte Carlo also offers terrific cuisines from renowned restaurants such as Le Café de Paris, Maona Restaurant and Train Bleu Restaurant, a deluxe train of dining cars for a private romantic dinner. Monte Carlo is also famous for its lively cabaret entertainment shows . If one's taste is of the contemporary, they can head out for a night of unforgettable partying at Jimmy's Disco and experience real disco party all night long.

Crows Casino and Entertainment Complex (Australia) The Land Down Under is also top up and on the top when it comes to world-class casino and vacation experience. Crown Casino is situated beside the exotic Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia having 350 game tables and 2,500 slot machines. Crwon Casino is also the site of four 5-star hotels.

Dining is a one of a kind experience with sumptuous local and international delicacies on a perfect setting by its numerous riverside restaurants. Other amenities include shopping boutiques, a spacious and state of the art entertainment area, convention facilities for seminars and other business functions.

The Atlantis (Caribbean) Love the sun? Well, it's time for our Caribbean casino experience! The best place for the Caribbean casino holiday is at The Atlantis. The Atlantis is a 800 million dollar casino-resort situated in the Paradise Island. Truly a paradise having 350 hectares of white sand beaches and a span of breath-taking crystal blue water. Below this magnificent scenery lies an underground labyrinth walkthrough tunnel showcasing more than 200 species of marine life.

Accommodation is one of a kind. Visitors can choose from 2,300 suites from numerous hotels in the area. Sea-side dining is truly an unforgettable experience where you can choose from 28 restaurants and bars serving authentic Caribbean drinks and dishes.

Today, a casino is no longer the usual gambling center that we used to know. Casinos are now an icon of a true and top class vacation experience. So the next time you think of a vacation that's truly worthwhile, think of a casino and your idea of a perfect vacation will never be the same again.